Stock Weldable Alloys

Select alloy metals we use that exhibit good weldability and workability. Contact us for available tempers or other materials.

7005 Aluminum

This tough aluminum is alloyed with Zinc as the primary hardening element. 7005 frames are just to be air-cooled and aligned right after welding; solution heat-treatment is not necessary. For full suggested strength (T6: UTS 380 MPa), artificial age 7005 frames to 6 hours at 200°F (+/-10°F) plus 4 hours at 320°F (+/-10°F). 


7005 aluminum can be further strengthen when alloyed with a slight of Scandium (>.15% per volume). This rare earth metal creates smaller and more compacted grains with Aluminum. Thus resulting into ultralight and higher tensile strength 7005-hybrid tubing. (T6: UTS 500 MPa)

6061 Aluminum

A widely popular aluminum that uses Magnesium and Silicon as the main hardening elements. To restore full strength after welding, 6061 structures must undergo a solution heat-treatment before being artificial aged to optimal temper (T6: UTS 310 MPa).

3-2.5 Titanium

This highest strength-to-weight ratio alloy is composed of mostly pure titanium. Additional 3% Aluminum and 2.5% Vanadium per volume provide better mechanical strengths and cold form-ability. Titanium fabrication requires extreme cleanliness to avoid weld contamination and back purging is mandatory.

4130 Crmo Steel

Unlike plain carbon steels, this alloy-steel offers a much better weight-to-strength ratio without an excessive price. 4130 CrMo contains chromium and molybdenum to increase toughness. It is a versatile alloy with good corrosion resistance and can be further hardened/strengthened by heat treatment.