Shaped Tubing & Extrusion

Shaped tubing particularly with a fixed cross-sectional profile has its advantages to meet different applications. Unlike the standard round shape, square or rectangular tubing can increase strengths or stiffness against bending. Polygons are great for mounting and positioning while ovals and airfoils are excellent for aerodynamics. We are able to provide shaped tubing in all our stock alloys in either plainguage at various lengths, or butted configurations up to 750mm tube lengths. Below are popular shapes we mechanically form or extrude.

Tube Square.jpg

Similar to the production method of aluminum barstock and round tubes, we are also able to produce custom extrusions for different industry and manufacturing needs. Extrusion is a process of raw alloy being pushed through the opening(s) of a die to produce a desired shape with a fixed cross-section. This process results in elongated pieces of consistently shaped aluminium. Extrusions can also have a variety of hollow sections which favors mass producing parts or materials. Temperatures are regulated from the heating to the cooling processes to assure desired properties. Then artificial aged to achieve proper temper or hardness. Contact us for questions or inquires regarding shaped tubing and custom extrusions.